Paradise Apple Schnapps

The paradise apple tree is loaded with fruit. Now it is time to make paradise apple schnapps. I think it is a bit earlier than usual, but this summer has also been exceptionally warm. The seeds  are brown , so I guess they are ripe.

Wash the apples and cut off the top and bottom and then prickle the fruit thoroughly:

Put the apples in a glass jar and fill with vodka. Let the apples soak in the vodka 2-3 months before you filter it.

Arboretum de Lyons

5-6 km outside Lyons-la-Foret is an arboretum with  60 different species of trees planted in areas dependent on their continent of origin (Europe, Asia, America and also an area with trees from the Mediterranean). There were also 40 different species of trees from the local area.

 The arboretum is freely available and all trees are clearly marked.

 It was a fine place for a stroll and it took a couple of hours.

There were gravel paths around each "continent", and also a folder with numbers and names regarding each group of trees, and furthermore suggestions for the walks enabling you to experience the whole area.


This Could Change Everything - Jill Mansell

This Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell writes witty, heart-warming, feel-good love stories, as it is said on the book cover.
It is a story where everything ends well after various complications. An easy read and probably also easily forgotten, but  cozy, relaxing entertainment.

Entrances - Hann. Münden

As well as there were many beautiful half timbered houses in  Hann. Münden, there were also many beautiful doors .

Here are some of the ones I photographed for my "collection".

The rest can be seen in my  album - indgange - entrances

Inspector Singh Investigates: A Calamitous Chinese Killing - Shamini Flint

A Calamitous Chinese Killing by Shamini Flint

Shamini Flint has created a marvelous figure. It is the chubby foodie Sikh, Inspector Singh. Furthermore the stories are exciting and well told, and each story takes place in a new country.  Shamini Flint must know these countries very well, because the atmosphere in each novel is very different depending on which country the story takes place.
In this novel we are in China. Inspector Singh is summoned to Beijing to help solve a murder.
The first secretary of the Singapore Embassy wants his help in finding out who killed her son. Singh gets help from  former police officer Li Jun. It is a story of corruption, reeducation of dissidents, illegal organ transplants and ruthless civil servants.

I have ordered No. 7 in the series. It is at the moment the last one, but hopefully more are in the making.

In the series provisionally issued:

A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder - Inspector Singh Investigates 1
A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul - Inspector Si…

Prize LIDL and Falkensteinsee

Home again from vacation in France and Germany and now with the possibility to be on the internet again. The last two days it was  impossible  to up- and download pictures. Today it was possible to try LIDL's game, and I won 12 small deserts (or that is what I think it is).

I tried yesterday to upload this picture from  Falkensteinsee, but it wasn't possible, so here it comes:

On hold

My English version of my blog is temporarily on hold due to very slow internet connection. Making the Danish version is time consuming enough, and not that easy when I have to use my mobile
The foto is from Lyons-la-Foret.