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Book Catalogue - App

As I read a lot I have great use of the Book Catalogue App on my mobile to keep track of the books I have read.

I find it very smart. You can enter your own books, and if you lend them to someone you can make a note. It is also possible to have different bookshelves. E.g. one with your own books, e-books, or books you have borrowed in the library, or whatever you find useful..
It is easy to enter new books . You can scan the barcode on the book or enter ISBN-number. You can search the internet or add manually. There are a lot of other features as well.
Right now I am going to read the fourth novel in the Aurora Teagarden series.
This is how it looks in Book catalogue on my mobile:

When you choose the book in the list, you can see facts about the book, and a description of the story.

It is free to use, but it is possible to make a donation to the developer.

Blackcurrant jam - old glass jars

I made blackcurrant jam the other day.
Here is the recipe:

Blackcurrant jam
1 kg blackcurrantStir the blackcurrant with the sugar, and when it has submitted some juice you cook it  10 – 20 minutes. Remove from heat and add Atamon. Pour in cleaned and scalded glass jars.

I guess Atamon is a special Danish liquid preservative - consisting of water, preservative (E211), antioxidant (E270), color (E150) and flavoring. 1 kg sugarAtamon
I use old glass jars, which i clean and scald. Recalcitrant labels are removed. First by scraping off as much as possible, and then removing the glue with rapeseed oil on a cloth, and then hard work rubbing.

I dress up the glass jars with a doily made of oilcloth. In a market called "det Blå Marked" in Haslev, there is a stall selling oilcloth by the yard. They also make round tablecloths, and by doing so there are some bits left from the corners. I bought a huge carrier bag filled with those bits for about  3 euros, and from these I have cut a lot o…

Crock Pot - Chicken casserole

2 Chicken breasts
2 Dl basmati rice
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
1 snack pepper
1 stem celery
2 carrots
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp paprika
½ tsp carry
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
3-4 Dl chicken broth
olive oil

Peel and cut the vegetables :

Cut the chicken breast in chunks and marinate them in soy sauce 10 minutes before you fry them in olive oil in a frying pan.

 When they are light brown you put them in the crock pot. Gently fry the onions and garlic for some minutes and put everything in the crock pot except the broth. Rinse the rice before putting it in. Pour the broth in the frying pan and let cook before you pour it in the crock pot. Almost cover the meat and vegetables. Stir.

Cook  5 hours LOW and then ½-1 hour HIGH

Dolls House - Grindstone

This miniature grindstone is bought in Gotland, where we visited the museum of Kettelvik. It is an open air museum where you can learn about the history of stone craft.
The grindstone is made of sandstone (Burgvik-sandstone) which since time immemorial has been used to sharpen knives, scythes and other tools. The stone was formed 400 million years ago by fine grains of sand and chalk in what at the time was a tropical sea. The sandstone is also used for decorating churches, castles and manors, and also for every day use e.g. troughs.
You find the museum by following the beautiful coastal road, Kettelviksvägen in the direction of Hoburg. In Hoburg is a sea stack (rauke )called Hoburgsgubben.
A excerpt from the diary in 2003 :

Dish Cloth 24

Cast on 60 stitches and knit 4 rows and then pattern until the cloth has the desired length. Then knit 4 rows and bind off.

1.row: 5 p, 1 k, 1 p, 1 k, 1 p, 1 k 2.row: 1 k, 1 p, 1 k, 1 p, 6 k 3.row: as row 1 4.row: as row 2 5.row: as row 1 6.row: as row 2 7.row: as row 1 8.row: as row 2 9.row: 1 p, 1 k, 1 p, 1 k, 1 p, 5 k 10.row: 6 p, 1 k, 1 p, 1 k, 1 p 11.row: as row 9 12.row: as row 10 13.row: as row 9 14.row: as row 10 15.row: as row 9 16.row: as row 10


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is Gail Honeymans debut novel - and what a debut! The book is very well written and both funny and very touching.
Eleanor is far from being completely fine. She has learned to survive, but not how to live. Her social skills are not exactly impressing and the reason for this is slowly revealed in the book, but not here. It has been a great pleasure to read the novel and quite a page turner. There are also many thought provoking situations and thoughts. Not at all a disadvantage, in spite of the devastating subject ,that it is at times very funny.
I don't think it is translated to Danish yet, but I guess that is only a question of time.

Dolls House - Garden Furniture

The garden furniture for the dolls house is bought on a vacation in Brazil in 2006. I found them at  Mercado Popular in Montes Claros. They are quite simple to make with to types of copper wire.

This is a picture from the market: Mercado Popular. A funny place with everything from meat, vegetables, a lot of dusty old things, clothes to kitchen utensils. Some of my very best cooking spoons are bought here.

And a few other pictures from the vacation. It is interesting the way colors vary from country to country.

The fence is also from Montes Claros. Chosen for its lovely color and shape.  

Dish Cloth 23

Cast on 60 stitches and knit 2 rows and then pattern. Remember tostart and end all rows with 2 k.
Knit until the desired length ( three times pattern) and end with one row purl and  one row knit - bind off.

1.row : purl 2.row : knit 3.row : knit 4.row : 13 p, 1 k 5.row : 2 p, 11 k, 1 p 6.row : 1 p,1 k, 9 p, 1 k, 1 p, 1 k 7.row : 1 k, 3 p, 7 k, 3 p 8.row : 1 p, 1 k, 4 p, 1 k, 4 p, 1 k, 1 p, 1 k 9.row : 2 p, 4 k, 3 p, 4 k, 1 p 10.row : 4 p, 5 k, 4 p, 1 k 11.row : 4 k, 1 p, 1 k, 3 p, 1 k, 1 p, 3 k 12.row : 2 p, 3 k, 1 p, 1 k, 1 p, 3 k, 3 p 13.row : 2 k, 5 p, 1 k, 5 p, 1 k 14.row : as row 12 15.row : as row 11 16.row : as row 10 17.row : as row 9 18.row : as row 8 19.row : as row 7 20.row : as row 6 21.row : as row 5 22.row : as row 4 23.row : knit
24.row : knit
25.row : purl
26.row : purl