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Dish Cloth 69

Cast on 60 stitches and knit 5 rows  k and 1 row purl. Then knit the pattern , and when the cloth has the desired length knit 5 rows and bind off.
1.row: 4 k, 3 p, 5 k 2.row: 2 p, 3 k, 3 p, 3 k, 1 p 3.row: 1 p, 9 k, 2 p 4.row: as row 2 5.row: as row 1 6.row: purl 7.row: knit 8.row: 5 p, 3 k, 4 p 9.row: 1 k, 3 p, 3 k, 3 p, 2 k 10.row: 2 k, 9 p, 1 k 11.row: as row 9 12.row: as row 8 13.row: knit 14.row: purl

The Cup and the Lip - Elizabeth Ferrars

The Cup and the Lip  by Elizabeth Ferrars

Again a classical English crime novel, but very hard to recount actions without ruining the plot. Arsenic, a missing person, and murder are all parts of the story as well as a highly surprising end. A very well constructed mystery.

Books by Elizabeth Ferrars I have previously blogged about:
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Baltic Prawns

It is several years since I last had Baltic prawns, so it was super nice to be invited to Præstø to dine on prawn sandwiches. First we had a nice time peeling.

There were more prawns than we could possible eat, so I was full by eating only prawn sandwiches.
I've never tried that before. 😋


Fig - Almond Cake

50 g melted butter
2½ dl   almonds (do not skin)
½ dl cane sugar and 2 tbsp coarse sugar to sprinkle over the figs before baking
½ dl flour
½ tsp baking soda
⅛ tsp cinnamon
⅛ tsp coarse salt
3 eggs
2 tbsp honey
½ tsp  almond extract
10 -12 ripe  figs (stem removed)

Grind the almonds to a coarse powder and mix with all the dry ingredients. Melt butter and honey together and let cool a bit before adding three eggs. Whip together and add the almond extract. Then add all the dry ingredients and stir well  until combined.
Pour the batter in a baking pan ( mine is a silicone dish, so no need to butter it) and place the halved figs on top. Sprinkle with coarse sugar and bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees.

Death at the President's Lodging - Michael Innes

Death at the President's Lodging by Michael Innes
I have previously blogged about A Connoisseur's Case, which is  no. 20 in the  Sir John Appleby series.
This is the first in the series. It was published in 1936.

The story takes place at St. Anthony's College, where the president is murdered. It is a murder in a confined space and a mixture of  whodunit and howdunit.
The area was locked at night and only 10 persons had a key. That limits the number of suspects. The body was found with a pile of bones  beside it and a gown round its head. The gown belonging to a visiting professor. The involved each try to throw suspicion on his colleagues, so it isn't easy for Appleby to untangle the web.

Potatoes and Other Harvest

I wrote this post 14 days ago:

Now the potatoes have been harvested. It is early, but they were fine and dry because of the sunny, dry summer, The sort we grow is Sava, and it has produced some very fine new potatoes. At the moment though, they are prone to turning into mashed potatoes when cooked. I am experimenting a bit with ways of cooking them.

The New Zealand spinach is growing well, and some is blanched, chopped and put in the freezer.
And still a lot of figs  😋

Now we have had lots of rain, so it is nice the potatoes  have been dug up. All the figs have been eaten or preserved, but there are lots of 2nd generation figs on the tree. Exciting to see if they will get ripe.

Entangled Carrots and Other Harvest

Even though the carrots were sown in seed tapes they managed to entangle very thoroughly.  

A bit from the greenhouse, and the roses still produce lovely flowers. The rain has done wonders. 

A Taste for Vengeance - Martin Walker

A Taste for Vengeance by  Martin Walker

Unfortunately this is preliminarily the last book in the series (no. 11) about  Bruno, Chief of Police. Hopefully there will soon be a new one published.
The books with half numbers are short stories and e-books but not available at Amazon right now.

A taste of Vengeance also takes place in the  Dordogne. Bruno has been promoted but apart from that everything is as always - thankfully. Pamela is missing one of her participants in a cooking course and turns to Bruno for help. The lady has disappeared and it is not possible to get in contact with her husband . Bruno discovers she is seen traveling with a mysterious Irishman and soon it seems as if there may be a connection among others to the IRA and Iraq.
This novel is, as all the other novels in the series, exciting and enjoyable to read - still not least because of the area, food, wine and the very sympathetic Chief of Police.

Translated to Danish:

Politimesteren i St. Denis - Bruno Courrèges …

Heartnut - the very first

This year's and on the whole the very first  Heartnut dropped to the ground. When the green outer shell has been removed it is not hard to see how it got its name. Picture No. 2 shows the cracked nut with the yellow skin removed.
It tasted really well.  😋
I have previously blogged about Heartnuts.  Unlike walnuts the nuts are in bunches with 4-10 together.

Cake with Fresh Figs

¾ dl rapeseed oil
2 dl cane sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
3 eggs
5 dl flour
1 tsp baking soda
1½ tsp cinnamon
2 dl milk
1 dl coarsely chopped hazelnuts

2 dl fresh figs cut in small dices  - stem removed

Stir everything thoroughly together except the figs which is put in the dough at last. Stir gently.
Bake at 180 degrees approx. 40 minutes.

Fig Leather

For one  baking sheet I used  ½ liter skinned and halved figs. They were blended with Bamix multi-purpose blade to a smooth pulp. 
Spread the pulp even on a silicone baking mat and let dry in the oven for 6-8  hours at 50-60 degrees. It has to be completely dry to prevent mold.
Roll the leather and cut in suitable pieces and store in airtight containers. 

Murder Moves In - Elizabeth Ferrars

Murder Moves In by Elizabeth Ferrars

Robina Mellanby moves together with her new husband to a suburb in London. It is not far from Sam's ex-girlfriend, who now lives with her writer husband - and not far from a place where a hit-and run death has taken place. Another murder takes place and this one with an ax presumably coming from Robina and Sam's house.
Is the murderer Sam, Sam's ex-girlfriend ( Martha) or Sam's assistants from work or maybe the neighbor?

Well told with persons well described. Exciting and enjoyable to read.

I have previously blogged about books by Ferrars:

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Spinach Pancakes with Ham and Cheese

The idea for these pancakes is from an exciting Danish food blog:
From this blog I receive  a newsletter each week, with ideas for supper and a shopping list. Spinach pancakes suited me well because there are lots of New Zealand Spinach in the garden at the moment.

I altered the recipe a bit. I am not so fond of Mozarella because I don't think it taste of very much.

2 eggs
1½-2 dl milk
1 tsp coarse salt
1 tbsp rapeseed oil
150 g finely chopped blanched spinach
(it made  6 pancakes)

Stuffing, garnish and dressing:

6 slices of ham
grated gouda cheese

cocktail tomatoes, yellow bell pepper,
1½ dl Isk added 1 crushed clove of garlic, ⅛ tsp curry, ⅛ tsp cayenne pepper.

Bake the pancakes. Put ham on one half of the pancake and fold it twice (quarters). Put in a oven safe dish and sprinkle with the grated cheese and garnish with the bell pepper. Brown in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.
Serve with tomatoes and the  Isk-dressing

Fig Jam

Still a lot of figs - now turned into a jar of fig jam.


12-14 figs
1 dl cane sugar
7 cm cinnamon stick
½  vanilla bean split and seeded
2 tbsp lemon juice
Atamon (preserve)

Wash the figs and cut the stem and  bottom and cut in quarters. Boil with sugar and spices on low heat for approx. 20 minutes until most of the juice is evaporated. Remember to stir often. Then blend - make it boil again - remove from heat and add Atamon. Put the jam in a cleaned jar.

I found the label on:
where many free labels were to be found.

The Red Address Book - Sofia Lundberg

The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg

Doris age 96 lives alone in an apartment in Stockholm, and manages with the help of a home carer until she falls and breaks the hip. Her only family left is her grand niece Jenny, who lives in USA. They Skype together.
Sofia has an address book, but most names have been crossed over and added DEAD. With the names as starting point Sofia writes her memoirs  to share the memories with Jenny. The result is a lovely heartwarming story about a long and colorful lived life.
It is  Sofia Lundberg's debut novel and not without reason it has become an international success - published in 28 countries.

Squash Pie with Bacon


100 g bacon in dices
1 onion
1 clove garlic
3 eggs
1½ dl Isk
1 dl oatmeal
50 g shredded cheese
1 tbsp mustard
½ tbsp fresh thyme
350 g shredded squash

Make the pie dough and pre-bake it.

Pie dough:
1 dl rapeseed oil
½ dl milk
½ tsp coarse salt
3 dl flour

Stir together and put it in a well greased pie plate and pre-bake for 22 minutes at 200 degrees.

Roast the bacon in a frying pan and put it on fat absorbing paper. Fry chopped onion and finely chopped garlic lightly in the bacon fat - do not let it get brown.

Stir everything together except the bacon. Put it in the pre-baked crust and sprinkle the bacon on top.
Bake for approx. 40 minutes at 200 degrees.

We had an apple salad to go with the pie and figs for dessert.