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The View from Penthouse B - Elinor Lipman

The View from Penthouse B  by Elinor Lipman.

Margot - oldest sister and  divorced from imprisoned physician Charles - owns an apartment in Greenwich Village in an apartment building, called Batavia. She has lost her money because of Bernie Madoff, and the middle-sister, who is also the narrator in the novel (Gwen) moves in with her to contribute to the rent. She is a widow and still grieving the loss of her husband. A third tenant, the cupcake baking Andrew moves in too. In a light, funny way it is described how the sisters try to get their lives together again and move on in life, nicely helped by Andrew.


I am at the moment reading. The View from Penthouse B  by Elinor Lipman. It takes place in an appartment building called Batavia - named after a Dutch East Indiaman built in 1628 in Amsterdam. It was wrecked on its maiden voyage off the  Australian coast. 40 out of a crew of 341 drowned, but the rest reached a small island.  Lack of water and food made the commander  Francisco Pelsaert, together with some of the officers, sail for help in the ship's boat. In his absence a mutiny broke loose under command of one of the company's officials - Jeronimus Cornelisz.
More than 100 people were slaughtered by him and his followers. A group of soldiers led by Wiebe Hayes fought the mutineers from a nearby island, and when  Pelsaert returned he succeeded with the help of these soldiers to overcome the rebellion. Most mutineers were hanged, some whipped, some keelhauled and two were cast off in Australian mainland.

In 1985 the reconstruction of  Batavia began. To increase interest in Eas…

Gherkins - pickled

Lots of gherkins and squash in the garden now. The gherkins are for pickles, so they have been rinsed and pricked, and then put in a brine for 24 hours before they are put in a vinegar solution.

1 liter cold water
1 Dl coarse salt
Pickling vinegar :
1 liter vinegar
500 g sugar
little onions
dill sprigs
1-2 tbsp pickle spices Atamon.Stir the brine until the salt is dissolved. Wash and prick the gherkins and soak them in the brine for 24 hours.Boil the pickling vinegar 3-5 minutes depending on the size of the onions. Take from heat and add Atamon. Drain the gherkins and wipe them in a dishtowel . Put in cleaned glass jars and pour the pickling vinegar over the gherkins until they are covered.

Dish Cloth 11

Cast on 60 stitches and knit 4 rows and then pattern. Remember  to start and end each row with 3 k.

1.+ 2. + 3 + 4. + 9. + 10. + 11. + 12. row: 3 k, 3 p 5. + 7. + 17. + 19. row: 3 k, 6 p 6. + 8. + 18. + 20. row: 6 k, 3 p 13. + 14. + 15. + 16. + 21. + 22. + 23. + 24. row: 3 p, 3 k