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Bones in the Wilderness - George Bellairs

This is number31 in the  Littlejohn series.

Samuel Cheever a broker and secondhand dealer with a bad reputation goes to France to buy antiques.
He stays away for a long time and people begin to wonder what has become of him.  His wife doesn't seem to care much, bur when the local MP continually asks: What's Happened to Cheever, Littlejohn and Cromwell are sent to Francaster to investigate. Here Cromwell buys a miniature from Mrs. Cheever and it shows to be important in the investigation. When a set of false teeth found in an unidentified body at Etang de Vaccarés, Littlejohn and Cromwell travel to France. In order to solve  the case they go to different places in France - The Camargue with bulls, horses and gardians - Bresse with poultry - Dombes with it's many lakes - Provence. There are wonderful descriptions of the life, the food, the wine and the different regions.
 It was a lovely revisit to France, Littlejohn and Cromwell as well as a well told murder mystery