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A Risk Worth Taking - Robin Pilcher

A Risk Worth Taking by Robin Pilcher.
Dan Porter has got problems in his marriage after getting fired from a highly paid job. He is married to Jackie and together they have three teenage children. The story is about Dan's search for a job and his awareness of what is important in life. This leads to a trip to Scotland, new acquaintances and friends and a new relationship to his children. The book was OK - a light read in the genre: feel-good.

I discovered that Robin Pilcher is  the eldest son of Rosamunde Pilcher, I have read quite a lot of her books.

Cucumbers Galore

Our two cucumber plants produce more cucumbers than we can eat. I have to freeze some of them:

Some are cut in thin slices and frozen. They are for cucumber salad. I make the pickle and defrost the cucumbers in the pickle. This is the recipe I use - same pickle as for fresh cucumbers:

Cucumber Salad
1 cucumberSlice the cucumbers thinly. Stir the pickle until the sugar has dissolved. Add the sliced  cucumber.1 Dl sugar1 Dl vinegar1 Dl water½ tsp saltpepper

For Tzatziki I grate the cucumbers. I use my  Bamix SliceSy, but  a normal grater will do just fine 😊
Put the grated cucumbers in bags and freeze. When used they need to thaw completely and  then drained before they are added to SKYR or sour cream flavored with  garlic, a  touch of  cayenne pepper and a touch of curry.


We succeeded getting to visit Dragør, due to a visit to a dental technician in Tårnby. It took a couple of hours between making the dental cast and fitting the partial denture. Enough time for a lovely stroll in the old city with cobbled stone alleys and further down to the harbor.

Lovely houses from 1700's and 1800's with cobble stoned alleyways and hollyhocks everywhere.

We walked to the harbor. Also with many old listed buildings. A Pilot tower from 1920 - build in order for the pilot to have free view after the  construction of  Dragør Fort. A little square building turned out to be a  house where they made hot pitch and tar used in old days to make ships waterproof (caulking).

Dish Cloth 62

Cast on 60 stitches and knit 4 rows and then pattern until the cloth has the desired length. Knit 4 rows and bind off.


1.row: 3 k, 2 p, 3 k, 2 p 2.row: 2 k, 3 p, 2 k, 3 p 3.row: as row 1 4.row: as row 2 5.row: as row 1 6.row: as row 2 7.row: 3 k, 7 p 8.row: 7 k, 3 p


8 X X

Chicken drumsticks with Ranch Seasoning MIx - Slow Cooker

The result.

Remove the skin from the drumstiks. I pull it down and cut it off with  scissors. Butter the slow cooker before you place the drumsticks in it.
Sprinkle with  Ranch Seasoning Mix.

 Mix chicken broth, whipping cream, tomato paste and hot chili sauce together and pour it over the drumsticks . Sprinkle with ½ bell pepper in dices and cook on HIGH for 4 hours.

Serve with potatoes or rice.

7 chicken drumsticks
1½ tbsp Ranch Seasoning Mix
½ Dl tomato paste
1 Dl Whipping cream
1-2 Dl chicken broth
1 tsp hot chili sauce ( I used Sriracha Sauce)
½ bell pepper in dices

Cherries - Pitting - Jam and Liquor/Schnapps

Before the cherries can be used for jam and liquor they need to be pitted. It is very easy using a hairpin. I had this little video made to show how it is done - but mostly to try a video in the blog ( so now I am a YouTuber)  😉:

Cherry Jam::

1 kg pitted cherries
300 g sugar
5 g citric acid
1 tsp Atamon

Cook the cherries with sugar and citric acid about 20 minutes. Then I blended it with the knife blade on my Bamix, and let it cook again.  Check if the jam sets up, and if it is OK take it off the heat and add  Atamon.

Atamon is a special Danish liquid preservative - consisting of water, preservative (E211), antioxidant (E270), color (E150) and flavoring. 

Cherry Liquor/Schnapps

600 g cherries (pitted)
200 g sugar
ca. ½ liter vodka

Put the berries in a cleaned jar. Add sugar and vodka. Shake the jar the first days until the sugar is dissolved. After approx. ½ year you filter the liquor.

The Story of Arthur Truluv - Elizabeth Berg

The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg

It is nice to be able to borrow e-books, when you are in need of something to read. That wasn't quite the case now, but when you have books on hold, you get them when they are free. This one is borrowed from e-reolen global.

At the moment I am in a streak of books about old people. I wonder why  😀

This novel is about  Arthur Moses age 85, who has lost his wife Nola. He visits her every day at the cemetery  to be near her. He brings his lunch, and often also look at other graves and imagines the persons buried there. At the cemetery he meets 17 year old Maddy. As infant she lost her mother, and the relation to her father is strained. He has never recovered the death of his wife, Slowly a friendship between Maddy and Arthur develops, and the neighbor Lucille is also included.
It is a touching  story about loneliness and loss, and about finding another form of happiness.

Cherry Harvest

There are lots  and lots of  cherries (morello) this year.  We picked some for the freezer, others for the cherry sauce for Christmas - and then a lot just to consume  😋🍒🍒, and there are still plenty on the tree.

Cherry conserve:
For the two jars - each ½ liter - I used:
500 g cherries, pitted
4 Dl sugar
2 Dl water
½ tsp citric acid

Atamon is a special Danish liquid preservative - consisting of water, preservative (E211), antioxidant (E270), color (E150) and flavoring. 

Bring sugar and water to a boil. Add the berries and the citric acid and let simmer  2-3 minutes. Remove from stove and add Atamon. Put in cleaned jars.

Three Men Return - Guðbergur Bergsson

Three men return by Guđbergur Bergsson

The novel takes place in Iceland on a very remote farm. The farm is the home of the grandmother, grandfather, the son, two daughters, who leave home as fast as possible only to return and give birth to two daughters and then leave them for the grandmother to take care of, and the boy - a cousin from a fishing village nearby. The novels time span is before World War II to modern times, and we follow  both the characters development and the way the society changes. It is a very well written  novel and a fine social satire. I enjoyed the story of an isolated farm developing into a modern tourist hotel, and the inhabitants fight against isolation and loneliness, subtly told.
The novel was nominated for the Nordic Counsel Literature Prize 2016, and certainly with good reason.

Food from the Garden - Summer Salad and Spinach in Cream Sauce

The garden is full of vegetables now, so I made  summer salad:

100 g Danish smoked cheese from Funen
1 Dl creme fraiche 18%
½ cucumber, diced (remove the seeds first)
radishes sliced/diced

The tomatoes are not from the  garden. They are not ripe yet, but they will soon be. Some are slightly red now.
These are a gift from  COOP:
This message appeared in my Coop-app, and it turned out to be a tray of tomatoes.


The New Zealand Spinach is fine now, and I made butter toasted white bread with spinach in cream sauce.

I let the spinach simmer for 5 minutes with the water sticking to the leaves (after having rinsed them  three times in water). Drain any remaining water and pour in a splash of whipping cream and a sprinkle of salt. Let cook until the cream thickens, and meanwhile make the butter toast.

New Zealand spinach has the advantage that it doesn't contain oxalic acid , and it sows itself willingly in the garden.

Dish Cloth 61

Cast on 60 stitches and knit 4 rows, and then pattern. Remember to begin and end all rows with 2 k.
When the cloth has the desired length you knit 4 rows and bind off.


1.row:  knit 2.row: purl 3.row: knit 4.row: 4 p, 1 k, 3 p 5.row: 2 k, 3 p, 3 k 6.row: 2 p, 5 k, 1 p 7.row: 1 k, 5 p, 2 k 8.row: 1 k, 2 p, 3 k, 2 p 9.row: 7 p, 1 k 10.row: 3 p, 3 k, 2 p 11.row: 1 p, 2 k, 1 p, 2 k, 2 p 12.row: 2 k, 5 p, 1 k 13.row: 1 k, 2 p, 1 k, 2 p, 2 k 14.row: as row 12 15.row: as row 11 16.row: as row 10 17.row: as row 9 18.row: as row 8 19.row: as row 7 20.row: as row 6 21.row: as row 5 22.row: as row 4