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Corpse at the Carnival - George Bellairs

This is number 29 in the Chief Inspector Littlejohn series.
The story takes place on the Isle of Man. It is carnival  time in Douglas and during the parade an old man is stabbed to death . He is known as Uncle Fred. At the same time Littlejohn arrives on the island to visit his old friend Archdeacon Kinrade and Detective Inspector Knell asks him for help. It turns out that Uncle Fred has used different names throughout his life, but gradually his life, before he moved to the Bella Vista boarding house, unfolds. During the investigation of the crime, we get to know quite a lot of the island, and there are many lovely descriptions of places, nature, locals and their faith about "the little people". Bellairs really must have liked staying  there. You even want to go there yourself after reading the novel. It is a well-written story, enjoyable to read about the Isle of Man and the ever so sympathetic Chief Inspector Littlejohn . The plot is fine as well.