Braided Bread Again - etc.

Now I managed to make a  nicer looking bread. It helps to practice a little 😇

And then just a quote from Through the Eyes of Eugen Kallmann's by  Håkan Nesser:

"As your age increases, the years pass faster and faster"
(this is my translation - it may differ from the English version of the book)

Unfortunately, it is true that it feels like that. When you retire, you think you have all the time in the world, considering you do not have to go to work. Unfortunately that is not how it works, but on the other hand, one has the great privilege of deciding what to do with your own time, and you do get time to do  many of the things, that were not really achieved before. Unfortunately, things take a little longer now 😄

One who doesn't stress is Pepsi the Cat: 🐈

This is how it spends most of the day, only interrupted by eating or pointing out that it is far too bad that it has not had anything to eat yet.