Garden - Yin Yang Beans

Autumn is time to dry some of the garden products, among other things bean seeds. We found  these yin yang  bean seeds for sale at a little stall on the island of Nyord, a couple of years ago. It is amazing seeds and not hard to figure out how they got their name.

I take the been seeds out of the pods and place them on a dishtowel (room temperature) a couple of days. I then place them in cloth bags and hang them on a clothesline  - still in a place with room temperature. Before I made some cloth bags I used  pillow cases, and that works fine as well 😋 A couple of times a day I give the bag a little shake. When I am sure they are absolutely dry and "rattel" i store them in a glass container.

When using the beans, I first soak the bean seeds in water for 12 hours - throw the water away - and cook the seeds approximately 1 hour.

We also harvest and use them as fresh beans. They taste delicious and are suitable for deep freezing.