Goodreads - Again

Recommendations newly released books

I have blogged about Goodreads before. To day I received a newsletter, and the smart thing  is that they choose books by authors I have previously read, and which has recently been published or will  be available in January.
I think that is really cool.  Now I know I can get the third book in a series by Jojo Moyes.
I have previously read "Me Before You"and "After You," but now the third  novel is available: Still me, and I can order it from the library. If they don't have it I can mark it in Goodreads as Want to Read. This way I wont forget it. It will be published in Danish 23-01-18 and is called Stadig mig.
Other books I was reminded of was The Grave's a Fine and Private Place by Alan Bradley.
It is number 9 in the series about Flavia de Luce. It is a somewhat different kind of crime novel. The main character  Flavia is (in the beginning of the series) an 11-year old motherless girl with a strong interest in poisons and chemistry. The interaction between the characters is often very funny., and I have read them all with great pleasure.
At last I got the title of a book by Jill MansellThis Could Change Everything.