Dolls House - Garden Furniture

miniatures from Montes Claros, Brazil

The garden furniture for the dolls house is bought on a vacation in Brazil in 2006. I found them at  Mercado Popular in Montes Claros. They are quite simple to make with to types of copper wire.

Dolls House chair from Montes Claros, Brazil

This is a picture from the market: Mercado Popular. A funny place with everything from meat, vegetables, a lot of dusty old things, clothes to kitchen utensils. Some of my very best cooking spoons are bought here.

Montes Claros, Brazil
Mercado Popular in Montes Claros

And a few other pictures from the vacation. It is interesting the way colors vary from country to country.
Montes Claros, Brazil
Church in Montes Claros

Airport, Montes Claros, Brazil
Monkey at the airport in Montes Claros
Montes Claros, Brazil

The fence is also from Montes Claros. Chosen for its lovely color and shape.