Dolls House - Grindstone

from the stone museumttelvik, Gotland og Ke

This miniature grindstone is bought in Gotland, where we visited the museum of Kettelvik. It is an open air museum where you can learn about the history of stone craft.
The grindstone is made of sandstone (Burgvik-sandstone) which since time immemorial has been used to sharpen knives, scythes and other tools. The stone was formed 400 million years ago by fine grains of sand and chalk in what at the time was a tropical sea. The sandstone is also used for decorating churches, castles and manors, and also for every day use e.g. troughs.
You find the museum by following the beautiful coastal road, Kettelviksvägen in the direction of Hoburg. In Hoburg is a sea stack (rauke )called Hoburgsgubben.
A excerpt from the diary in 2003 :

Gotland, Hoburg