Nina George: The Little Paris Bookshop

Review of Nina Gorge's novel

Jean Perdu is a bookseller in a floating bookstore in Paris. The shop is called: Literary Apothecary, and Perdu has the special gift to find books, that cures the customers and help them to move on with their lives. Perdu  lives in  no.27 in Rue Montagnard. We learn a little about the other inhabitants in the house, but Perdu has for 21 years lived  withdrawn and in deep sorrow, after his beloved  Manon has left him. She left a letter, but Perdu hasn't dared to open and read it. A new inhabitant (Catherine) is the triggering factor  that makes  Perdue start on a voyage along the waterways of France. New friendships arises along the way and a healing process starts. Throughout the novel there are lots of literary references, and many thought provoking quotes , dialog and thoughts. It is an extremely well written novel. Lovely cast of characters, good descriptions of love, about loss,  sorrow and about moving on. Lovely descriptions of the French countryside. Read it - it is a pleasure.
Nina George is a German writer, and you can read more about her and her books on her homepage.