Place Cards - Glass Engraving

Name on print fastened to the inside of the glass

I sometimes use glasses as place cards.  I do it because  it's fun to make and  it makes it easy for you to know which  glass is yours. I find a font that I think fits, and then I print the names. I cut the names out and put them  inside the glasses and fasten with tape. Then I engrave the name with  a glass engraving tool. I did not have water glasses enough, so this is a water glass from IKEA I have just finished. I have also engraved on champagne glasses a while ago. You do not need to be very skillful in drawing things as text and pictures can be found online. All you need is a steady hand and some patience.

Sometimes I draw the name or picture on the glass with a waterproof black marker pen before engraving.

Here's the  result:
the finished result