Seven Days in Summer

Marcia Willett's new book Seven Days in Summer takes place in Cornwall and Devon, and that alone is worth a read and a "revisit".
I have read almost all Willett's novels. It is always a lovely, relaxing experience.
Liv and her five year old twins are on holidays with her father in law (Baz) in his summerhouse on the coast of Devon.
Family and friends visit each other, and we learn about  their relationships, friendships and falling in love and as in most stories - the snake in the garden of Eden, Catriona.
Speaking of Eden, we visited the Eden Project in 2011, but more about this later.

Here some pictures from Cornwall and Devon from a vacation in 2011:

Derreck Cove

A path near North Morte Farm
A path near North Morte Farm

Trelissick Garden
Hydrangea Trelissick Garden