The Little French Bistro

Novel by Nina George

I have earlier blogged about The Little Paris Bookshop  by Nina George, and now I have also read  The Little French Bistro.
It is about Marianne a 60 year old German woman. She has lived in a sad, joyless and uneventful marriage with Lothar. On a trip to Paris she decides to jump in the Seine. She is  rescued and sets off to a little fishing village in Brittany. Little by little she  comes to know a lot of people. I  liked most of the book, but the last part held too much mystery (the legend of king Arthur, fairies, witches etc) and too many unhappy love stories to be given a happy end.
A quote from the book I really liked: "I am not old. I've just lived a little longer than some people". Also lovely descriptions from Brittany, where we have  spend a couple of holidays. Carnac and the monoliths are mentioned in the  novel, and this is a  picture of some of the thousands of monoliths from our  holiday in 1986.

Monoliths in Carnac foto 1986