Dolls House - Desk

Most of my dolls house furniture is bought at Søstrene Grene or Netto , the desk as well . At the moment dolls house furniture is for sale at Netto . Unfortunately they did not have the kitchen sink I saw in the advertisement. I could have used it!
The pipe and the matchbox is from Sweden - hence the color of the matchbox.

Dolls House

 Dolls House

I made the newspapers from an advert for Danish stamps. It is from a series made in 2008 called  the 20th Century:

newspaper 4 kr
Newspaper 4 kr

The envelope and card are from free printables found on the internet. There are quite a lot to be found. You also find lots of dolls house books you can make yourself. Go to Pinterest and  search : miniature printables free, then there are lots to choose among.