An Expert in Murder

by Nicola Upson

An Expert in Murder by Nicola Upson.

I read about this  book when I was reading the Josephine Tey series  - Inspector Alan Grant. (see previous blogs)
I searched the internet to read a bit more about the author, and I have also linked to a site about Tey. That is when I found out that  Nicola Upson wanted to write a biography about Josephine Tey, but gave it up among other because  Tey was a very private person, and often gave varying informations about her life. Instead Nicola Upson has used her research by making Josephine a lead character in her crime novels. This is the first of preliminary seven in the  series: Josephine Tey

Josephine Tey is on the train to London, and falls into conversation with a young girl - Elspeth Simmons -who is also travelling to London among other to see Tey's play - Richard of Bordeaux. The show has been a huge success but is now playing in its final week before going on tour. At the arrival in London a murder takes place and Inspector Archie Penrose is soon convinced the murder is connected to the play.
 It also turns out the murders are connected to events during World War I.
There are  references to Tey's novels and life in the story, so it s a good idea to read Tey's novels first to be able to enjoy reading Nicola Upson's books even more.