To Love and Be Wise

To Love and Be Wise by Josephine Tey

 I read this book on my Chromebook too, and it is also from  Gutenberg Australia. Hence again my own photo  from a vacation in England 😎

This is the fourth volume in the  Inspector Alan Grant series, and still a pleasure to read.

The scene is set in Salcot St Mary in which there is a small colony of artists. Leslie Searle, a famous American photographer, is invited for the weekend. He gets the invitation from the author Lavinia Fitch, when se learns that Leslie and her nephew Walter Whitmore has a mutual acquaintance. Leslies visit gets longer than planned because he and Walter decides to make a book together. Walter is a well known radio commentator. He is to write the book and  Leslie to take the pictures. Before they even set off on their trip the mutual relationships in Salcot St Mary has changed almost imperceptibly due to Searles power to upset.. Walter and Leslie begin their journey down river Rushmere in canoes and with tents. After a couple of days they are near the pub at Salcott and goes for a drink. Walter leaves the pub early, apparently in anger.  Leslie stays till closing-time and is seen going down the track to the river. Next morning  Walter discovers that Leslie hasn't slept in his sleeping-bag and the police is told. Has he disappeared, is it murder or has an accident happened?  Alan Grant is summoned to find out what has happened.

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