Alphonse Mucha

 20 years ago we were in  Český Krumlov and saw an exhibition of  Mucha's art at Egon Schiele Centrum.

Egon Schiele Centrum

So it is really nice that the art museum  Arken has  made a revisit possible. We went there yesterday and enjoyed the very fine exhibition of Mucha's posters and photos, and also Mucha inspired album covers from the 1960's and 70's


The motive on this picture is the same as the one on a bowl we have,. I think we bought t in France, also many years ago.


If you like Art Nouveau - pictures of sensual women - and Le Style Mucha, this exhibition lasts till the 3'rd of June - 2018. We enjoyed it, and ended off with delicious  food in Restaurant Arken. It is not situated in  Ishøj at the art museum, but in Køge  at Køge Marina. We were given a Morebox with a Luxury dinner for 2, and the Restaurant Arken served delicious food, fine sevice and a  lovely view.