Mucha on Stamps

Mucha on stamp
Ruby and Amethyst

 I have blogged about the Mucha Exhibition at Arken, and also about Mucha designing the first Czechoslovakian stamp, but there are many Mucha designs reproduced on stamps as well. The majority from Czechoslovakia, but other countries has also used his wonderful women. Here some of the stamps:

Mucha on stamp
Mucha on stamp
Mucha on stamp
Mucha on stamp
Princess Hyacinth

Mucha on stamp
The Slavs in their Homeland
All pictures are from Colnect, which I have mentioned earlier. On Colnect you can find  a lot of different catalogs, made for and by collectors:
Categories on Colnect
Should you find you miss a category on the list, everyone is welcome to suggest the creation of new catalogs.

In the category Banknotes on Colnect I also found Mucha:

Design Mucha