Pop Up Card
The Charles Bridge

I showed a pop up card of the Hradčany Castle in a previous blog. This pop up card depicts the Charles Bridge with the castle in the background.

Pop Up Card
The Goldmaker's Alley

The Goldmaker's Alley is shown on this card. The alley is within the castle area, and it got it's name because it is said that Rudolph II invited a lot of alchemist to the castle in order to find a way to make gold.

Pop Up Card
The Old Jewish Churchyard.

We also visited Josefov - the Jewish quarter- in Prague. This pop up card shows the Old Jewish Churchyard.
There are numerous reasons to travel to Prague. There are lots to see and experience. Music and concerts everywhere, and then there is the Laterna Magica, which can celebrate it's 60th anniversary this year. Laterna Magica uses no words, but pantomime, film, dance, sound and music. We have seen two performances - Ulysses:

Postcard and tickets
Postcard and tickets to Ulysses
and Wonderful Circus.
Wonderful Circus is perhaps the most famous, and it is also on the program this year and can celebrate it's 40th anniversary. Both performances were great experiences and I recommend trying to get tickets if you are going to Prague. It may be wise to order in advance.

Another good reason to travel to Prague:

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