The Book of Mormon


Yesterday afternoon we went to Det Ny Teater to see the musical The Book of Mormon. It is a fun and acid satire, where we follow to young missionaries, Price and Cunningham. They are sent to Uganda, hopefully to convert the natives. It is a splendid performance with a fascinating set design, dance and music.  The music was unfortunately so loud, that for me it was unpleasant, but after the break I enjoyed the play thanks to the earphones my son lent me. Plugged well in my ears the sound level was fine, and no problem  hearing what was said.
I had no real knowledge of the faith of the Mormons before the play, and it was first after being home again, that I read something about it. Mostly because I thought what was being told on stage  was  fictional. Well it turned out not to be. The story about Mormons Book is apparently not fiction, and sending young people out to mission in pairs is also known practice.
In advanced publicity of the show it says that the show contains scenes and language, that can be offensive. I can imagine it would be if you belong to the Mormons.
It was therefore a very fine experience, when out of theater again we were met by young Mormons handing out The Book of Mormon. I don't suppose I will ever come to believe in the story, but great respect for the peaceful and dignified way of response.