The Singing Sands - Josephine Tey

The picture is from flickr by Jeremy Crawshaw - Pan G268
The Singing Sands by Josephine Tey, is I am sorry to say, the last book in a very well written series. It was published posthumous.
Inspector Allan Grant is ill and on sick leave. He suffers from huge claustrophobic attacks, and goes to Scotland to stay with his cousin, Laura and her family. The plan is to relax and go fishing. On the train to Scotland a man is found dead. By mistake Grant picks up a newspaper and later discovers there is a sort of poem written on it. Grants curiosity is awoken, and in the attempt to find out who the deceased is, he must travel to both the Hebrides and France.
It has been a great pleasure reading this series. The story, the plot and the characters are excellent described.

It is the 6th book in the Inspector Alan Grant series.

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