Creme de Sureau and Walnut Schnapps

I got this bottle of Creme de Sureau for my birthday. It is made by a Danish firm called  Norlic
It is a Danish liqueur made from organic elderberries, and it tastes really good.
It is enjoyable a Danish firm makes liqueurs. They also make one on rhubarb, strawberry and vanilla, which I guess I have to taste 😋🍹.
Another of their liqueurs are made with green walnuts. I have made schnapps on green walnuts, and that was fine, but as all schnapps you make it gets better if it is allowed to "mature" a couple of years before drinking.

Walnut Schnapps

8 green  walnutsWash the walnuts thoroughly,  pierce them with a  pin and put in a bottle. Fill the bottle with vodka and let  soak for 3-4 weeks. Filter and age a couple of years.  Use it  to add to a schnapps., don't drink it as it is.
You can also cut the walnuts in halves instead of piercing them. . It gives you two different colored schnapps. The pierced is blue-green, and the one with walnuts in halves is yellow-green. They get darker by age though
2-3 Dl vodka