Ideal-cake with the first rhubarbs of the year

The final result tastes good with whipped cream

 Ideal-cake is a very fast and easy cake to make. Everything is stirred
together, put in a baking dish, and then you can use almost any kind of fruit.  In this cake it is the very first of this years rhubarbs cut in little pieces and put on top of the dough. At last it is sprinkled with pearl sugar.

ready to bake
The cake is ready to be put in the oven
Sliced apples with cinnamon is also delicious, or black currant and chopped almonds, but you can use the fruit or berries you like best.

The final result:

The recipe:

Ideal - cake

2 eggsStir everything together and put it in a baking dish. This is a basic recipe, and you can "decorate " according to season.
On the picture it is apple and cinnamon.
Bake ½ hour at 200 degrees.
2 Dl sugar
1 Dl vegetable oil
1 Dl water
3½ Dl flour
1½ tsp vanilla sugar
1½ tsp baking soda