Paradise Apple and Snowball tree

Flower - Paradise Apple

Blossoming Paradise Apple
Some of the fun stuff of having a large garden, are the surprises that sometimes occurs. This Paradise Apple is self-sown, and not from the Paradise Apple already in the garden, when we bought the house. It has smaller, different apples and is not yet in bloom. So this is kind of a bonus tree - thanks to the birds ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿฆ , and it has it's finest color right now. There are numerous sorts and colors, but all of the malus family. I use the apples for jelly and schnapps:

Paradise Apple Schnapps

paradise applesRinse the apples. Cut the stem and the blossom end and pierce the apples . Put in a bottle and fill with vodka. .Let the apples soak in the vodka for 2-3 months. Filter. Mix it in your schnapps to your liking, or drink it as it is .

The snowball tree is close to bloom, but I almost think the flowers are at their most beautiful right now with the delicate light green color. It is also beautiful when it is all covered in white flowers . Our snowball tree has a tendency to get attacked by caterpillars ๐Ÿ›, who eat really many leaves, and then it is not so pretty. We don't use pesticides, but in spite of that it blossoms year after year

Viburnum opulus
Snowball (viburnum opulus)

viburnum opulus
Snowball (viburnum opulus)