Rhubarb - freezing and making compote

There are many varieties of rhubarb, and which one our rhubarbs are , I do not know. They were here when we bought the house in 1975, and have provided us amply ever since. We have three plants - one would have been enough, but it is a decorative plant, and it grows very fast to a great size in no time.  We have moved them once. They took it nicely.

I freeze some of the rhubarbs now, when the stems are new and crispy. I rinse under water and chop them in little pieces, and put approx. 500 g in  freezer bags. It is lovely to take up for stewed  rhubarb or a pie in winter.

I took a bit too many stems, so some was used in a rhubarb compote:

Rhubarb Compote in a Microwave 
½ liter rhubarbs
¾ Dl sugar
Wash and cut the rhubarbs in small pieces  Sprinkle with sugar and put it in the microwave 2 min -800 watts Take out and stir. Cook for 2 more minutes - 800 watts - finished.