Slug Fence - Spanish Slug

In 2014 we made 6 slug fences in the garden to prevent the Spanish Slug (killer slug)  πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜± crawling on the vegetables we eat  raw.


It worked well for a couple of years, but it got crooked with time, so last year and this year we have altered it
We have combined  4 to 2, and dug posts in the corners and fastened the fence with screws. Now it will hopefully keep the shape. At the same time we made "window boxes" for strawberries.


A row of garden tiles is stabilizing further, and makes it easier to mow the lawn without  hitting the snail fence. The strawberries planted last fall is in bloom now.


It will probably be a true buffet for the blackbirds. I guess we will have to cover with net.
We have just completed the last 2 snail fences.