The Pearl Sister - Lucinda Riley

Lucinda Riley

The Pearl Sister is the fourth volume in the series: The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley
In the first volume: The Seven Sisters - the eldest daughter Maia is the main character.
Maia and her five sisters have all been adopted by multimillionaire Pa Salt. They have their childhood home on an island in Lake Geneva , and they all return home after the death of their father. They are all adopted from different places of the earth, and after the death of Pa Salt each are given a clue  to make it possible for them to find their biological origin. We don't know anything about the seventh sister yet. She never appeared in Geneva. The household in Geneva consist of Marina (Ma), she is like a mother to the children, the housekeeper Claudia, and the skipper Christian.

Each book in the series stars one of the sisters as main character, and their search for their birth parents. This makes the stories take place both in the past and the present.
All sisters have different abilities.
Maia knows a lot of languages, Ally is  musical, Star has literary abilities and CeCe is an artist.

In the first book about  Maia the plot takes place in Brasil and Paris,  and we follow the creation of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio.

In the second book: The Storm Sister - Ally is the main character.  Her  quest takes her to Norway.

In the third book: The Shadow Sister -  it is the quiet Star, who is the main character.  She and CeCe have always been very close, almost like twins. Star's clue takes her to a bookshop in  Kensington, where she also gets a job.

And then the fourth book:  The Pearl Sister, which I have just finished reading . Now CeCe is the main character. She and Star have lived together  in London, but Star has moved, and CeCe feels abandoned, and sets out on a longer journey to Australia in search of her origin. After a stay in Thailand she arrives in Australia and begins her search. The story takes place both in 1906 and 2008. We learn quite a bit about the pearling industry in Broome and the way aboriginals were treated.
It is by the way a hallmark for the series up till now, that we get interesting insights in historical topics.

I can definitely  recommend the series. It is very well written and captivating, and the historical part well researched.
It must be read in the right order.

I look forward to the next book, presumably with the biologist Tiggy as main character. It will also be interesting to find out who and where Merope is, the sister who never turned up in Geneva.