Two for Sorrow - Nicola Upson

This is the third volume in  the Josephine Tey series written by Nicola Upson.

Josephine has gone to London and stays in her club - The Cowdray Club, while doing research for her new book about the baby farmers Amelia Sachs og Annie Walters.  Both hanged in Holloway Prison in 1903.
The story about the Finchley baby farmers is not fiction, but the fiction starts with the influence this crime has for the descendants. Two brutal murders take place and is a difficult task for Arthur Penrose to solve. Josephine's research and first draft for the new book helps, but it is Penrose who solves the crime. There is also lots of references to Josephine Tey's life in this novel. Among others a diary is the foundation for the love story in this book.

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