Cherries - Pitting - Jam and Liquor/Schnapps

Before the cherries can be used for jam and liquor they need to be pitted. It is very easy using a hairpin. I had this little video made to show how it is done - but mostly to try a video in the blog ( so now I am a YouTuber)  😉:

Cherry Jam::

1 kg pitted cherries
300 g sugar
5 g citric acid
1 tsp Atamon

Cook the cherries with sugar and citric acid about 20 minutes. Then I blended it with the knife blade on my Bamix, and let it cook again.  Check if the jam sets up, and if it is OK take it off the heat and add  Atamon.

Atamon is a special Danish liquid preservative - consisting of water, preservative (E211), antioxidant (E270), color (E150) and flavoring. 

Cherry Liquor/Schnapps

600 g cherries (pitted)
200 g sugar
ca. ½ liter vodka

Put the berries in a cleaned jar. Add sugar and vodka. Shake the jar the first days until the sugar is dissolved. After approx. ½ year you filter the liquor.