Cucumbers Galore

Our two cucumber plants produce more cucumbers than we can eat. I have to freeze some of them:

Some are cut in thin slices and frozen. They are for cucumber salad. I make the pickle and defrost the cucumbers in the pickle. This is the recipe I use - same pickle as for fresh cucumbers:

Cucumber Salad

1 cucumberSlice the cucumbers thinly. Stir the pickle until the sugar has dissolved. Add the sliced  cucumber.
1 Dl sugar
1 Dl vinegar
1 Dl water
½ tsp salt

For Tzatziki I grate the cucumbers. I use my  Bamix SliceSy, but  a normal grater will do just fine 😊
Put the grated cucumbers in bags and freeze. When used they need to thaw completely and  then drained before they are added to SKYR or sour cream flavored with  garlic, a  touch of  cayenne pepper and a touch of curry.