Beautiful Village , Amager

We succeeded getting to visit Dragør, due to a visit to a dental technician in Tårnby. It took a couple of hours between making the dental cast and fitting the partial denture. Enough time for a lovely stroll in the old city with cobbled stone alleys and further down to the harbor.

Dragør, Amager
Jens Eyberts Square
Lovely houses from 1700's and 1800's with cobble stoned alleyways and hollyhocks everywhere.

Amager, Denmark

We walked to the harbor. Also with many old listed buildings. A Pilot tower from 1920 - build in order for the pilot to have free view after the  construction of  Dragør Fort. A little square building turned out to be a  house where they made hot pitch and tar used in old days to make ships waterproof (caulking).

Amager, Denmark