Food from the Garden - Summer Salad and Spinach in Cream Sauce

on rye bread

The garden is full of vegetables now, so I made  summer salad:

100 g Danish smoked cheese from Funen
1 Dl creme fraiche 18%
½ cucumber, diced (remove the seeds first)
radishes sliced/diced

The tomatoes are not from the  garden. They are not ripe yet, but they will soon be. Some are slightly red now.
These are a gift from  COOP:
New gift for you
This message appeared in my Coop-app, and it turned out to be a tray of tomatoes.


The New Zealand Spinach is fine now, and I made butter toasted white bread with spinach in cream sauce.

I let the spinach simmer for 5 minutes with the water sticking to the leaves (after having rinsed them  three times in water). Drain any remaining water and pour in a splash of whipping cream and a sprinkle of salt. Let cook until the cream thickens, and meanwhile make the butter toast.

on butter toast

New Zealand spinach has the advantage that it doesn't contain oxalic acid , and it sows itself willingly in the garden.