Libby and Jenny Colgan

Overdrive has made a new  Loan / reading app called Libby.
I have tested it with two books by  Jenny Colgan in the series: Summer Seaside Kitchen.

The first novel is called: The Cafe by the Sea.
The main character, Flora has several years ago fled the island of Mure and lives in London, where she works and has a crush on her boss, Joel. She has absolutely no plans of returning to the little Scottish island, but one of their clients (the billionaire Colton) has great plans for the island, so Flora is forced to return.
I have read a lot of Jenny Colgan's novels. She writes  romantic, funny, feel-good novels, and she does it very well. So if you like the genre I can really recommend reading her books.

The second book in the series is called: The Endless Beach.
Life on the island Mure continues with the characters from the first novel. One of the persons - the Syrian refugee, Saif is doctor on the island. He is the main character in a short story:  A Very Distant Shore, where we also meet Lorna (Flora's best friend). It ought to be the first in the series.

Well, both are read in the app - Libby. It worked out fine. Loan was easy and the reading experience fine. You can also hear audio books with the app, but I haven't tried that yet.
Besides loans, you can  hold, tag and see your activities - when the book is borrowed, returned or on hold.