Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk - Kathleen Rooney

Kaathleen Rooney

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney

The novel is  inspired by the poet Margaret Fishback's life. She was both a poet and a famous advertice writer at  R.H. Macy's.
In the story she is called Lillian Boxfish. We follow the  84 (85)- year old Lillian on a 10 miles walk in New York to  places that had meant something in her life, and meanwhile the story of her life unfolds. The walk takes place on the last evening of 1984. The structure of the novel is well thought, but unfortunately I wasn't engrossed. I never really got interested in the  main character, but maybe the walk in New York would have been much more interesting for someone with local knowledge.