Orange Jam

I couldn't resist an offer of 12 oranges for 5 Danish kroner, so I had to make orange jam.
The oranges were peeled and as much as possible of the white inner peel was removed. As it wasn't organic oranges the peel couldn't be used. The oranges were sliced and sprinkled with 1 Dl  cane sugar, and then cooked on low heat for about 2 hours.

I tasted it because I thought i had to add more sugar, but that wasn't  necessary.
Then I mashed it with the blender with the knife blade on. Heated it to boil again shortly and took it off the stove and added Atamon, and poured it into cleaned glass jars.

Atamon is a special Danish liquid preservative - consisting of water, preservative (E211), antioxidant (E270), color (E150) and flavoring.