The Elder is blooming - Elderflower Cordial

Now the elder is blooming, so it is time to make the yearly batch of elderflower cordial. This year I have only made ½ the recipe (30 heads of elderflower).

Blost - Elderflower Cordial

60 big heads of elderflower The elderflower heads, sugar, brown sugar, lemons in slices and the citrid acid is put in a container and the boiling water is poured over it. Stir and let stay till next day. Strain the elderflower cordial through muslin and decant into bottles or containers and put it in the freezer.
3 kg sugar
1½ kg brown sugar
6 organic lemons
100 g citrid acid
4½ liter boiling water

We made it yesterday, so today we have to strain it and put it in the freezer.