The Story of Arthur Truluv - Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth Berg

The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg

It is nice to be able to borrow e-books, when you are in need of something to read. That wasn't quite the case now, but when you have books on hold, you get them when they are free. This one is borrowed from e-reolen global.

At the moment I am in a streak of books about old people. I wonder why  😀

This novel is about  Arthur Moses age 85, who has lost his wife Nola. He visits her every day at the cemetery  to be near her. He brings his lunch, and often also look at other graves and imagines the persons buried there. At the cemetery he meets 17 year old Maddy. As infant she lost her mother, and the relation to her father is strained. He has never recovered the death of his wife, Slowly a friendship between Maddy and Arthur develops, and the neighbor Lucille is also included.
It is a touching  story about loneliness and loss, and about finding another form of happiness.