Chicken in White Wine and Lemon


2 chicken breasts
lemon zest from ¼ lemon
3 carrots
1 handful green beans
2-3 onions
1 little squash
3 Dl white wine
2 Dl  chicken broth

Rinse / peel the vegetables and cut in small pieces.
Cut the chicken breasts in pieces too and  fry light brown in a frying pan.

Sprinkle the chicken with lemon zest. I have pickled some lemons with salt and it is the zest from ¼ lemon I have used. Remove as much of the white underside from the zest and cut it in small strips and sprinkle it on the chicken breasts. I cut the white underside from the zest, because my lemons were freshly made. When they are a couple of months old it is no longer necessary. Then the bitter taste will be gone.

Put the chicken in the slow cooker and fry the vegetables a couple of minutes before you put them in the cooker as well.

Pour 3 Dl white wine and 2 Dl chicken broth in the frying pan and let cook before pouring it in the slow cooker.

Chicken in white wine and lemon

 Put the cooker on LOW  for 8 hours. To thicken the sauce  add 1½ tbsp Maizena (corn starch) stirred up in cold water 10 minutes before serving and cook at  HIGH the last 10 minutes