Designs on Life - Elizabeth Ferrars

Elizabeth Ferrars

Designs on Life by Elizabeth Ferrars.

It is always nice to find writers, who write in one of my favorite genres: The classic British mystery , and as I have noticed Elizabeth Ferrars has been very productive, so there are lots to choose among.
Unfortunately I don't think they are available at the library. They may be discarded as  well as this one, which I found when my library sold discarded books.

Designs of Life is a collection of short stories:
The Dreadful Bell
After Death the Deluge
The Truthful Witness
Go, Lovely Rose
Drawn Into Error
A Very Small Thing
Scatter His Ashes
Undue Influence

10 very different, well written short stories with an underlying tense and threatening atmosphere.  It is redeemed, but not always the way you had imagined. The characters are more or less the plot.