Ice Cream - Cherry - Coffee/Cognac

Coarsely chopped cherries with sugar and rum
Ice Cream

4 eggsWhip the  yolks, the double cream , salt and sugar together.  Whip until it is like a not too solid  whipped cream. Whip the egg whites  separately until they are stiff and then  fold it into the  whipped cream. Adding the whites makes it taste less fat.

If you want to add flavor in form of liquid - liquor you can add it from the start.  The sugar will bind approx. ½ Dl.

If you add berries, puree or chocolate then fold it in the whipped cream together with the egg whites. 
½ liter double cream
75 g sugar

A nip of coarse salt – the amount you can have between two fingers

4 egg whites (perhaps)

If you want it to be vanilla ice cream you add the grains from ½ vanilla pod.

For cherry ice cream you add 300 g pitted,  coarsely chopped cherries to which you add  2 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp rum.

For coffee/cognac ice cream you fold the egg whites in the whipped cream and divide the mixture in two portions. In  one you add 2-3 tbsp cognac and in the other you add coffee made of 3 tsp instant coffee dissolved in ½ Dl boiling warter. Let cool before use.

I put the ice cream in plastic containers and put it in the freezer. Every ½ hour I turn the containers upside down to preven  whatever added to end up in the bottom of the container/ice cream before it is frozen.