Figs in Brandy

Rinse I2-14 figs and cut off most of the stems. Make  a couple of small holes in each fig using a toothpick or sharp fork (this will make the figs absorb the syrup), and put them in a cleaned 1 liter  glass jar.

Boil a syrup:

4 dl water
400 g cane sugar
juice from 1 lemon
shredded lemon peel from  ½ lemon

Pour the syrup over the figs and let rest until next day.

Drain the syrup and pour it in a pan and cook to reduce the syrup a bit. Take off heat and add 1 dl brandy and 1 tsp Atamon and pour it over the figs. You may have to fill up with a little brandy.
Close the jar.

Let rest for at least 14 days before use.