Death at the Seaside - Frances Brody

Frances Brody

 Death at the Seaside by Frances Brody

The book is the eight in the series: A Kate Shackleton Mystery

I have previously blogged about the seventh in the series: A Death in the Dales

In this novel  Kate has traveled to a little coastal village for a vacation and also to visit an old school mate (Alma) and her daughter (Felicity) who is  Kate's god-daughter. Kate wants to buy a present for her goddaughter and visits the local jeweler ( Jack Philips) and finds him dead in the back room. At the same time Felicity disappears, so there is a lot for Kate Shackleton to solve with the help of her two assistants - Mrs. Sugden and Jim Sykes.
A cosy murder mystery set in England in the 1920s.