Quince -and Paradise Apple Jelly

Now the last quinces have been picked and together with paradise apples made into jelly.

Wash the quinces and cut in smaller bits. Remove stem and blossom ends and discard. Do the same with the paradise apples and cut them in halves.
Put it in a pot and add water. Don't cover the fruit in water - only about ¾ of the fruit.
Cook until tender (½-1 hour) - put it in a jelly straining bag and let strain till the next day.  Measure the juice and add sugar in the ratio  1 liter juice: 800 gram sugar.
Cook for 10-20 minutes. Make the jelly test a couple of times, and when it is fine, remove from heat and add Atamon and put it in clean glass jars.

Jelly test:

Place a tsp hot jelly on a plate and cool (freezer 1 minute). If the surface wrinkles when you drag your finger through the middle of the  jelly, and if it the two edges you make when you drag your finger through the jelly doesn't run together - it is fine. If not continue cooking and repeat the test every few minutes. If you cook to long you may ruin the pectin, (and not long enough it won't set)

It gets a marvelous color: