The Allingham Minibus - Margery Allingham

From Crime Classics Review Club I have been lucky to receive a collection of short stories by Margery Allingham.
It is a collection of very different short stories. Some are  crime stories, other  ghost / super natural stories, and then  again  some are essays. Some of the stories bring a revisit with Allingham's famous detective: Albert Campion and that is always enjoyable. One of these stories I had read previously: The Man with the Sack, as it also occurs in Campion at Christmas (The Case of the Man with the Sack).
The book starts with a short article about the writer and is followed by a tribute to her and her work written by another of the great classic crime writers:  Agatha Christie
The tribute is well deserved, and this is a collection of very well written short stories all worth reading.