Chicken drumsticks with Ranch Seasoning MIx - Slow Cooker

The result.

Remove the skin from the drumstiks. I pull it down and cut it off with  scissors. Butter the slow cooker before you place the drumsticks in it.
Sprinkle with  Ranch Seasoning Mix.

 Mix chicken broth, whipping cream, tomato paste and hot chili sauce together and pour it over the drumsticks . Sprinkle with ½ bell pepper in dices and cook on HIGH for 4 hours.

Serve with potatoes or rice.

7 chicken drumsticks
1½ tbsp Ranch Seasoning Mix
½ Dl tomato paste
1 Dl Whipping cream
1-2 Dl chicken broth
1 tsp hot chili sauce ( I used Sriracha Sauce)
½ bell pepper in dices