Dordogne 1

La Dordogne - the view from our campingcar

As mentioned in the blog about Martin Walker's Bruno Courrèges series, we went to Dordogne to experience some of the places and the atmosphere described in the novels. We stayed in a quiet, lovely camp site,  where  we camped about  10 meter from La Dordogne, The camp site is situated about 12 kilometers from Sarlat. It is called  Camping la Cabane.

While we stayed there hot air balloons floated over the place. A center for hot air ballooning was not far away.

From the camp site a lovely view to  Château de Castelnaud situated on the other bank of the river.

From the camp site we could  take a bike ride on a path along La Dordogne to  the castle in Beynac.


Vallé de la Dordogne is the valley with the five castles.

We went to  Sarlat too, on a day with a market, and that is always a nice experience in France.

Market i Sarlat