Hanged Man's House - Elizabeth Ferrars

Elizabeth Ferrars

Hanged Man's House by Elizabeth Ferrars..

Old-school murder mystery of the Agatha Christie genre.

When Dr.Charles Gair is found hanged, the mummified body is also found in the cellar. The characters in the story are all connected to  Martindale research  station, where Dr. Gair was the head.
Good plot and good entertainment.

By Elizabeth Ferrars I have previously read and blogged about: Designs on Life  (a collection of short stories), and like that this one is also bought at the library's sale of discarded books. This novel was bought by the library in 1975 - a time when books were hand stamped with the date. It was much lent out the first year, and then only a couple of times each year to follow - then it was stored - then discarded -  before it ended up at my place. Anyway it is still possible to borrow it in Danish via. bibliotek.dk and it is called:  Hængt mands hus.